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Please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a freelance wedding and food photographer, living in south London.


What are you currently working on?

I’m enjoying having more time to cook meals from scratch again, now that the peak of wedding season has passed. I also recently got a Westie puppy so training him (and making him healthy dog treats) is a large part of my life these days.


Are you familiar with bone broth?

My parents always made bone broth from scratch. As a child, I used to get embarrassed when my mum asked the butcher for pig heads, chicken feet and other cheap scraps, but now I totally get it.


Do you ever make your own stocks/broths? If so how do you find it?

My local farmers’ market sells bags of beef, lamb and chicken bones for 50p each so, if we have a day free, we’ll make a vat of broth. Although it’s time-consuming, I find it therapeutic and enjoy the smell filling the flat.


How did you find cooking with our broths?

So convenient and rewarding!


Do you ever use a cheeky stock cube?



Would you consider using this regularly?

Absolutely. Out of the whole range, I use chicken most frequently, but I really love the pho broth and look forward to other flavour combinations you’ll come out with in the future.


Did using broth make a difference to the taste and/or texture of your food?

Stews and soups are noticeably thicker and the flavours are deeper. I can definitely tell the difference.


Obviously it's only a short time that you may have consumed our broth but there is some evidence to say it has anti-inflammatory properties, can aid sleep, digestion and collagen levels. Did you feel better for consuming it? Sleep better? Improvement in skin? Digestion? Please elaborate if so

It’s hard to say, since I’m lucky enough to enjoy good health. However I have noticed that – when using Borough Broth Co bone broth – I’ll make more effort to ensure the rest of my meal is also healthy. No sense in wasting such a quality, tasty ingredient!


Which was your favourite flavour and why?

Chicken, since it’s the most used broth in my repertoire.

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