Organic 24-hour 

 Chicken & Sweetcorn Broth 

We're thrilled to introduce our brand new Organic Chicken & Sweetcorn Broth. Using our award-winning, 24-hour Organic Chicken Bone Broth as a base with a few of our favourite ingredients to enjoy with it. A household favourite that never gets old. 

This hearty broth comes in 560g pouches and is the perfect quick and healthy meal, with all the added benefits of a slow-cooked bone broth. High in protein and collagen and only 189 calories per pouch. There are no preservatives, colourants, MSG or sugars added.



Organic Chicken
Bone Broth


Our signature 24-hour organic chicken broth is used as a base for this nourishing meal. 

Organic Chicken 


The chicken we use is always organic, free-range and locally sourced from a few certified organic farms

in the UK.

Organic Cabbage 

Sourced from organic farms that don’t use harmful pesticides. We always ensure that we source our veg locally when in season and when out of season we source from the nearest available countries. 

Pink Himalayan Salt

High in mineral content, we use fine, pink himalayan salt, not a lot just a little to season our broths.

Organic Chives

We use organic chives to season our broth. Never extracts or powders.

Organic White Pepper


We use ethically sourced organic white pepper.

Organic Coriander


We only use whole organic coriander, never extracts or powders.



Chicken Bone Broth* (71%), Sweetcorn* (13%), Chicken* (8%), Cabbage*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Chives*, White Pepper*, Coriander*


Chicken Bone Broth contains: Spring Water, Chicken Bones* (40%), Carrots*, Onions*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Black Peppercorns*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Thyme*, Bay Leaves*

(*signifies organic ingredient)

Organic Sweetcorn


Our sweetcorn has been sourced from organic farms that don’t use harmful pesticides. 

Typical values per 560g Serving

Energy: 795KJ/ 189Kcal

Fat: 3.9g

Of which are saturates: 1.1g

Carbohydrates: 12.9g

Of which are sugars: 1.7g

Fibre: 3.4g

Protein: 23.7g

Salt: 2.40g

Collagen: 6.27g

Nutritional Info

Serving Suggestions

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