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 Christophe Reissfelder FROM botanical experinces' WEEK OF BROTH 

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m the co-founder, former creative director/ recipe creator of the drinks brand Botanic Lab. Botanical Experiences is my new venture, journeying even deeper into the mysterious and under-charted world of botanical plants. I aim to integrate rare, medicinal and psychoactive plants into mainstream FMCG markets and the everyday. I firmly believe that certain plants can impact on all levels of our experience and, harnessed precisely and correctly, can offer essential, better tools for modern life. 


What are you currently working on?

I’ve just launched my website www.botanical-experiences.com where I’m now offering immersive workshops that teach you how to do invigorating drinks from scratch. I also offer a product development consultancy and I’ve started publishing some original recipes on the blog so you should definitely have a look at those if you like the recipes I made with the borough bone broth selection.


Are you familiar with bone broth?

Of course, I know you guys almost from the beginning!


Do you ever make your own stocks/broths? If so how do you find it?

Yes most of the time. I do the bone broths in the pressure cooker as it seems to extract most of the gelatin in very little time.


How did you find cooking with our broths?

It’s been so convenient and just what you need when you’re time poor but still want to get the right nutrition in your body without sacrificing on flavour.

Do you ever use a cheeky stock cube?

I don’t actually. For me bone broths are not just about the depth of flavour they provide to a dish but also about the gelatin/collagen content. Which I believe is not present in a stock cube?

Would you consider using this regularly?

I already do ☺

Did using broth make a difference to the taste and/or texture of your food?

It made it so much easier to consume the healing herbs/mushrooms I feature in my recipes. A lot of herbs do not do well in sweet smoothies even though the recommendations to do so are ubiquitous.  Medicinal mushrooms alongside savoury elements are allowed to shine and their intrinsic flavours can be celebrated as opposed to covered up by dates and cacao!

Obviously it's only a short time that you may have consumed our broth but there is some evidence to say it has anti-inflammatory properties, can aid sleep, digestion and collagen levels. 

Did you feel better for consuming it? Sleep better? Improvement in skin? Digestion? Please elaborate if so.
Yes gelatin rich foods that contain the calming amino acids proline and glycine do help me to sleep deeper.

Which was your favourite flavour and why?

Chicken and I’m not surprised it won awards!

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