Many food bloggers, nutritionists and chefs have already started to appreciate the benefits of a good bone broth, whether that be to their cooking or their health. We asked several friends of Borough Broth to share with us their favourite recipes and also their experience of a 'week of broth'. 


Anna Greenland


Head Gardener @ Soho Farm House 

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Anna Greenland


Head Gardener @ Soho Farm House 

Charlotte Hu

Charlotte Hu 


Freelance wedding and food photographer, living in South London. 


Melissa Hemsley 


Best-selling author and cook, committed to quick, simple and healthy food that everyone can enjoy. 

Julius Roberts 


Left London in 2016 to start a life of cooking, farming and self sufficiency. He has created three lip smacking recipes with our broths that don't disappoint.

Eve Kalinik


Gut health extraordinaire and author of 


Jeanette Hyde


Nutritional therapist and author of 'The Gut Makeover' and 'The Gut Makeover Recipe Book'

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Christophe Reissfelder

Botanical Experiences

Co-founder, former creative director/ recipe creator of the drinks brand Botanic Lab.

Ryan Carter


Nutritional therapist and founder of Live Vitae.  Passionate about spreading the important message about the power that evolutionary, nutrition and lifestyle medicine can have on our lives. 

Joey O'Hare 


Chef and foodie who focuses on vegcentric cooking and fermentation.

Katie Quinn

Katie Quinn @Katieq

Food YouTuber, podcast host,
cookbook author. 

Toral Shah 


Nutritional scientist and chef and the founder of  The Urban Kitchen. She's passionate about a sustainable and healthy lifestyle including eating a nutritious diet to optimise all aspects of health and prevent disease.

Jenny Sleath

Jenny Sleath


Founder / director of Lifebox Food Co Ltd - a healthy eating subscription box company designed to introduce you to all the latest wholefood snacks, ingredients, drinks, recipes and more. 

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