Our broths are made with ingredients that are simple, sustainable and delicious.


Here's a bit more information on our primary ingredients, their source and why we're proud to cook with them. 

The British bones we use

The bones we source are from a few select farms across the UK, chosen based on their ethics and organic standards that meet ours.


Why is this a sustainable solution?


Choosing to work with organic farms means:


  • We are supporting an agricultural system that means greater animal welfare, less environmental damage, less pesticides and more wildlife. 

  • We are supporting small-scale farms in the UK, who are having to compete with large-scale production farms that put profits over ethics and the environment.  

  • We buy bones from local farms at a fair price, that otherwise would have been exported with little profit for our farms. 


The bones we use are saved and frozen by the farmers and we collect them in batches weekly, so as to reduce any unnecessary transport across the country.

The British spring water we source

We’ve chosen to use British spring water as the base for all of our bone broths, rather than tap or even filtered tap water. This means we are doing our best to ensure that the broths we produce are free from the fluoride, pharmaceutical residues and chloramine found in chemical-treated piped city water, toxins which have been shown to wreak havoc in our bodies.


Being a main constituent ingredient, we wanted to keep our spring water as mindfully sourced as we possibly could. That's why we chose to work with AquAid. 


AquAid source mineral rich spring water from Fillongley, who draw it from a deep underground aquifer in rural Warwickshire, and bottle it at source. Working with AquAid means:


  • Their central location reduces the carbon footprint as it travels to our London brothery. 

  • We can impement a ‘circular collection’, which means we reuse bottles that are collected by them and reused on a cycle. 

The organic veg we use 

The best thing about our organic veg supplier is that our kitchen is located right next to their warehouse. This means that the veg is delivered to them, from various organic growers in the UK and then we get it fresh - with no extra packaging and no additional travel. 


We chop and prepare all of the fresh veg on site so that it's rich in flavour and nutrients when we cook it.  

We make sure that all the veg we source is from the UK when in season and when not, we go as local as possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our herbs, spices and seasonings

The seasoning that goes into our broths, from the pink Himalayan salt for our classics to the fish sauce for our pho has probably been the biggest challenge in terms of balancing flavour with our principles of finding local, organic suppliers. However, this has led us to unearthing some excellent, little known suppliers that we’re extremely proud to work with. 


For example, for our fish sauce we use a Nordic, family owned fishing company. Fish Sauce is traditionally a product best sourced from Asia but we really wanted to stay as local as possible, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re still on the look-out for a British fish sauce supplier but until then, we’re sticking with these guys who believe in keeping things small-scale and sustainable - just like us.


Did you know that there’s no such thing as Organic Fish Sauce? Because fish sauce is made wild fish. So whilst we do our best to use only organic ingredients, in this case it was impossible. 

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