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Please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Julius Roberts and in 2016 I left my job cheffing in london to
start a smallholding in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. I started with four
mangalitsa pigs and no idea of where things would lead from there. It's now
nearly three years later and I have fallen in love with the country life. I grow
most of my own veg and still have two of those wonderful pigs but have
picked up 15 sheep, 18 goats and a whole host of chickens along the way.
And with spring around the corner that numbers set to double. With no
previous knowledge of animal husbandry or vegetable growing its been a
pretty steep but wonderful learning curve. I have been documenting my
journey through instagram under the name Telltalefood with the aim of
teaching and inspiring others to eat and live sustainably while exploring the
benefits and issues of self sufficiency, animal welfare, seasonality.


What are you currently working on?

I am currently attempting to write a book while juggling farm life and fencing
a new field to house many new arrivals in spring.


Are you familiar with bone broth?

Not just familiar… I live off the stuff.


Do you ever make your own stocks/broths? If so how do you find it?

Yes every week. I pick up sacks of free chicken carcasses from my butcher and make big batches in the oven overnight.


How did you find cooking with our broths?

Wonderful… I wish I had more.

Do you ever use a cheeky stock cube?

Very rarely but yes.

Would you consider using this regularly?

Absolutely. I’d love to see borough broths in some shops near me ASAP!

Did using broth make a difference to the taste and/or texture of your food?

Taste, yes definitely.

Which was your favourite flavour and why?

Frankly I love them all but have a soft spot for chicken broth as its so
versatile in the kitchen. I was surprised by the lamb stock as its something I
rarely make and the beef broth did make some beetroot soup especially
fantastic. Brimming with excitement to try the miso seaweed broth!

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