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Please tell us a bit about yourself

Hello! My name is Katie Quinn and I'm a food YouTuber, podcast host,
cookbook author. I moved to London about a year and a half ago from
New York City, and am still discovering all the incredible food brands
that are available here, becoming regulars in my kitchen pantry and
refrigerator. Since I often make new recipes for videos, I'm
constantly experimenting with ingredients and flavors. Bone broth is
a fantastic product for all 4 season, but especially this time of year!!


What are you currently working on?

At the moment I'm head-down in pre-production for a video series
with the popular US-based food website, Food52, in partnership with
Visit Britain. I'm producing and hosting the series of 4 videos, all over
the UK! So I'm lining up the interviews with chefs, artisans, influencers,
etc. and therefore thinking constantly about all the incredible eats in
places like Cornwall, Edinburgh, Yorkshire and of course, London!


Are you familiar with bone broth?



Do you ever make your own stocks/broths? If so how do you find it?

I routinely make my own bone broth after preparing meat on the bone.
I think those stocks go a long way in adding flavor and nutrition to a
variety of dishes, and it's something I love having on hand.


How did you find cooking with our broths?

I loved cooking with Borough Broth Co.'s broths! It was awesome to
have Chicken Broth, Beef Broth and Lamb Broth all within arms
reach as I was planning my week's meals.


Do you ever use a cheeky stock cube?

Of course I've used stock cubes before. In a pinch, it's what you've
got to do sometimes. But I don't think there's a cook out there who
would ever prefer it over the real thing.


Would you consider using this regularly?

Absolutely I'd use it regularly!

Did using broth make a difference to the taste and/or texture of your food?

Using broth deepens the flavor of a dish, providing it with more of that umami unctuousness and richly satisfying roundedness.


Obviously it's only a short time that you may have consumed our broth but there is some evidence to say it has anti-inflammatory properties, can aid sleep, digestion and collagen levels. Did you feel better for consuming it? Sleep better? Improvement in skin? Digestion? Please elaborate if so...

 My week was fantastic. I didn't notice any marked differences to my normal health and happiness, but I can say that I slept well and felt great overall :)


Which was your favourite flavour and why?

I love the chicken flavor because it's just so versatile. It's something
that is amazing on its own or to enhance a dish with lots of ingredients.

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