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"Broth is every cook’s secret weapon for flavour and richness.  It adds that special something."

Melissa Hemsley 

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a cook and food writer and author of 3 books.  My new one Eat Happy is all about 30 minute fast and simple meals, almost all of them one pot recipes, as who likes extra washing up!? I’m passionate about provenance, low waste and sustainability and am a Fairtrade ambassador.  I love sharing recipes and helping anyone that wants more kitchen confidence.


What are you currently working on?

I’ve just finished recording the latest series of the podcast I present called #LiveLifeBetter where I interview authors and experts from all around the world, it’s fascinating!


Are you familiar with bone broth?

Yes, been loving it my whole life


Do you ever make your own stocks/broths? If so how do you find it?

I’ve got a few big pan and I always keep and reuse old jars so I find making it and storing it, nice and easy.  I think, like anything, when you make something an easy habit, it becomes second nature. That said, it’s brilliant that you are making organic delicious broth and it’s my fave on the market

Do you ever use a cheeky stock cube?

I can’t remember the last time I did.  If it was a stock cube with no nasties and I was in a rush then I would use one.  For those using stock cubes, I’d say give broth a go, keep it in the freezer if you’re worried about wastage, once you broth, you won’t go back to cubes!

Would you consider using Borough Broth regularly?

I always have some broth in my fridge and back ups in the freezer. 

Did using broth make a difference to the taste and/or texture of your food?

Broth is every cook’s secret weapon for flavour and richness.  It adds that special something. 

Obviously it's only a short time that you may have consumed our broth but there is some evidence to say it has anti-inflammatory properties, can aid sleep, digestion and collagen levels. Did you feel better for consuming it? Sleep better? Improvement in skin? Digestion? Please elaborate if so...

I’ve been drinking broth since I was tiny.  It’s always been something my Filipino Mum has made for us.  Fish broth too.  I find it emotionally comforting and it’s an all round boost for me in every way.

Which was your favourite flavour and why?

My two faves are the chicken broth as it’s just so comforting and goes with everything and love it with salt and pepper in a mug. Second fave is the beef broth.  Absolutely delicious, love it in ragus and stews and it’s wonderful in curries too.

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