Borough Broth Company was inspired by me, Ros back in May 2015. I'd searched high and low for a supplier of good quality, slow-cooked, organic bone broth in the UK but none existed.

 Then I looked into the standard stocks available and was horrified by the amount of added sugar, preservatives, yeast extract (MSG) and lack of actual bones in any of the products. Even the premium brands were full of nasties.

So I decided to make my own. Ever since, Borough Broth co. has existed to create products that maintained the quality of homemade whilst never compromising on the provenance of consciously sourced organic ingredients.

Our products are created from a place of understanding and respect. We develop our products from the perspective of someone who wants excellent taste without the use of pesticides, short cuts, preservatives or cheap flavour replacements.

We want our products to remain true to their source, and have a positive effect on your body. We realise everyone has different bodies, needs and sensitivities, but we believe that sticking with a varied diet that includes whole, organic ingredients is a step in the right direction. No gimmicks, no fads. Just good quality ingredients that are known to do you good. 

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