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Meet The Team

Whether they’re busy in our London kitchen carefully crafting our beautiful broths, developing exciting recipes, sourcing organic ingredients, or being on-hand to answer your questions, our team are at the heart of Borough Broth Company.

Ros Heathcote

Ros Heathcote

Founder & Managing Director

Ros started the company back in May 2015; before that, Ros had spent a decade working as a Business Consultant and Data Analyst for several global corporations.

Ros’ passion for food ran deep. With a background stretching 15 years in catering and hospitality, her dream of returning to the food industry lay dormant as she flew around the world in a suit (she never really wore a suit).

Creating Borough Broth Company has enabled her to follow her passion for cooking and design while using her analytics skills to build a brand she is proud to run and represent.

Interesting Fact: With early dreams to become a Music Producer, Ros completed her BA at Leeds College of Music.

Jasmin Ayling

Jasmin Ayling

Head of Innovation

Jasmin has worked on industry-leading recipe innovation, menu strategy and branding for some of the most famous food brands in the UK and counts becoming a quarter-finalist on MasterChef amongst her many impressive achievements. Recently, Jasmin has opened her own food concept, Rendang + Rice, in London’s Camden, famous for its food markets where she champions sustainable British beef using her family’s traditional Rendang curry recipe.

Interesting fact: Not only can Jasmin speak Dutch and eat an entire block of cheese in one sitting, but she is also the cover star (and contributing editor) of wagamama’s “feed your soul” cookbook.

Lucy Rowlands

Lucy Rowlands

Head of Marketing

Lucy joined the team in 2020 and came to us with a food and retail marketing background after working with some of the high street’s most well-loved brands. With a fondness for good food, not-so-good wine, and the occasional cocktail, she loves flexing her creative muscles, testing out new interesting recipes (with varying degrees of success).

Interesting fact: Lucy has a degree in Jewellery Design and so, when she can, enjoys spending time in the workshop playing with fire and hammering the odd bit of metal!

Simon Green

Simon Green

Sales Administration Manager

Simon and Ros’s friendship goes back to their uni days, and now they have an excellent excuse for a daily chat as Simon is also a vital part of the Borough Broth team. Based in sunny Suffolk, he works across customer service and logistics, ensuring everyone gets their essential delivery of broth.

Interesting fact: Simon is a super-talented artist and producer. Creating music under many pseudonyms, he put his skills to great use when he ran a charitable record label, with all profits donated to Mind. Simon is also a customer-service extraordinaire and is at the end of almost every customer email. So, drop us a line if you ever fancy chatting tunes (or have a broth-related question, naturally)

Reesha Bhatoy

Reesha Bhatoy

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator 

Reesha recently joined the team to tackle all things social media and marketing across our different channels. From content creation to website maintenance, Reesha likes to work on a multitude of different projects. She enjoys spending time perfecting her makeup skills, scrolling for hours on TikTok and walking her fluffy Maltese (called Fluffy!)

Interesting fact: Reesha has a passion for photography and owns her own DSLR and even ran her own photography Instagram account for a while, specialising in nature photography.

Guest Broth-ers

We have invited our favourite chefs, nutritionists, food writers (and those who simply love a good bone broth) to share their top tips for using broth to support good health, their favourite recipes and ways they like to include both in their lifestyle.

Poppy Lawrence

Poppy is a London-based food blogger and writer with a big love for comfort food. Outside of office hours, you can find Poppy in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes or filming personal favourites for her social channels!

What’s your favourite broth? I’d have to say my current favourite is the chicken because it’s so versatile. I know everyone says that but it really is true!

Melissa Hemsley

Best-selling author and cook, champion of bone broth and committed to quick, simple and healthy food that everyone can enjoy.

What’s your favourite broth? “My two faves are the chicken broth as it’s just so comforting and goes with everything and love it with salt and pepper in a mug. My second fave is the beef broth. Absolutely delicious, love it in ragus and stews, and it’s wonderful in curries too.”

Bea Kabiri

Bea worked in food production and recipe development for several years, including at Borough Broth – and now consults for small sustainable food companies. Inspired by her Persian heritage, she has a keen interest in ancient foods and traditional cooking and farming practices.

What’s your favourite broth? It has to be the Duck Bone Broth (but then again, I would say that… I had a hand in developing the recipe!)

Julius Roberts

Julius left London in 2017 to start a life of cooking, farming and self-sufficiency and is now a cook, farmer and gardener.

What’s your favourite broth? “Frankly, I love them all but have a soft spot for chicken broth as it’s so versatile in the kitchen. I was surprised by the lamb stock as it’s something I rarely make, and the beef broth makes beetroot soup especially fantastic. Brimming with excitement to try the miso seaweed broth!”

Ryan Carter

Nutritional therapist and founder of Live Vitae, Ryan is passionate about spreading the vital message about the power that evolutionary nutrition and lifestyle medicine can have on our lives.

What’s your favourite broth? “It has to be the duck and the lamb because they are both a bit different to the normal or favourites. Duck is a superior bird to chicken, so always get my pick. Lamb is just a unique more British taste which I love, plus it’s the best land source of DHA, an essential fatty acid pivotal for our brains and cell membranes.”

Anna Greenland

Organic Grower for Michelin chefs, Raymond Blanc and Soho House, Anna loves to share her knowledge of garden-to-fork eating as a writer, cook and speaker.

What’s your favourite broth? “I use chicken a lot but loved the fish broth in my fish soup and am excited to try the miso and pho flavours for something different.”

Eve Kalinik

Nutritional therapist, Psychologies columnist, gut health extraordinaire and author of ‘Be Good to Your Gut”

What’s your favourite broth? “Hard to choose. Probably I find that the chicken is the most versatile although I really liked the fish one.”

Anna Lisle

Anna is a food writer, lifestyle journalist, passionate cook and author of the cookbook Bowl & Fork.

Her work reflects her food philosophy of eating natural, wholesome and unprocessed foods.

Toral Shah

Nutritional scientist and chef and the founder of The Urban Kitchen, Toral is passionate about a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, including eating a nutritious diet to optimise all aspects of health and prevent disease.

What’s your favourite broth? “Probably beef as it is really deep and rich and not something I make myself.”

Jeannette Hyde

Nutritional therapist and author of ‘The Gut Makeover’ and ‘The Gut Makeover Recipe Book.’

What’s your favourite broth? “The beef broth – I make my own chicken stock a lot but don’t usually have beef bones around, so having the sachets has been really useful.”

Joey O’Hare

A chef and foodie, focusing on veg-centric cooking and fermentation.

What’s your favourite broth? “I think the beef broth! I almost never eat red meat these days, so it was really delicious to enjoy the flavour of beef in a lighter and sustainable way. I really appreciate how broth makes nourishing and delicious use of a would-be by-product.”

Jenny Sleath

Founder of LifeBox – a healthy eating subscription box company designed to introduce you to all the latest whole food snacks, ingredients, drinks, recipes and more.

What’s your favourite broth? “Definitely, Chicken. It is so rich and comforting without being too overpowering! Just delish.”

Christophe Reissfelder

Co-founder, former creative director, and recipe creator of the drinks brand Botanic Lab.

What’s your favourite broth? “Chicken, and I’m not surprised it won awards!”

Charlotte Hu

As a freelance wedding and food photographer living in south London, Charlotte loves cooking meals from scratch (and then photographing them beautifully, of course!)

What’s your favourite broth? ” Chicken, since it’s the most used broth in my repertoire.”

Katie Quinn

Food blogger, cookbook author and host of the podcast, Keep It Quirky, Katie knows her food!

What’s your favourite broth?
“I love the chicken flavour because it’s just so versatile. It’s something
that is amazing on its own or to enhance a dish with lots of ingredients.”

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