Chris Shield’s 7-Day Bone Broth Cleanse

We first met Chris at The Natural Organic Show in April and were completely blown away by him and his story. We’ll admit it, bone broth cleanses aren’t really something that we like to necessarily shout about because we are not health experts and everyone can react differently to fasts or cleanses. However, Chris told us that he had undertaken a 7-day bone broth fast previously, when first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and he saw some hugely positive impacts on his health and wellbeing.

When he suggested trialling our broth for another 7-day cleanse, we were intrigued. We supplied him with the broth and asked him to document how he felt each day. His account is quite something and we’re thrilled our broths could have such a positive impact. Read his full story and account below.

Now if I made a bone broth this is exactly how it would taste - not too over seasoned but very tasty! And I’m a really good cook and my broth tasted really nice but I was more than happy with the Borough Broth Bone Broth.

I am so grateful to have met Borough Broth and to be able to give feedback on their bone broth whilst I am fasting..

I really believe in bone broth as I have done a 7-day bone broth fast before, when I had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in late 2016, the same year my mother had passed so a lot of things had happened that year, and I guess that it also had a huge impact on my health.

During my first 7 day bone broth fast (in 2016), I had some amazing results. I’d been diagnosed with MS in October 2016 and went from fully walking and talking to the complete opposite! It became so bad that I was sleeping on the floor at my son’s house. I had heard of bone broth before because I had been into my health and fitness through my Muay Thai boxing so I was always searching for the best foods etc.

I received help through a once weekly phone call from my cousin and her holistic healer friend who had also helped her previously. We discussed many things, and the one thing we both agreed on wholeheartedly was the healing benefits of bone broth for leaky gut and its whole array of healing benefits.

I had been trying to get bone broth or even grass fed beef bones but there was no such thing, I even tried to import the bones but they would not allow such a thing. It was so frustrating for me, I had been talking about bone broth ever since my first bone broth fast and even thought about setting up my own company because I knew the benefits of bone broth.

When I came back from overseas I was suffering from major depression anxiety, cognitively I found it so difficult to even formulate my thoughts, and needed help at every turn, to make sure I was making the right decisions.

Day 1- Day 2

This was a real struggle as I had been doing a real tug of war with the sugars and all the addictions that had kept driving me further down, the addiction to the cakes the chocolates was extreme and I would really go out of my way to go to the shop and by a bundle of cakes crisp and chocolates and entertain a late night feast. The battle was psychological and physical as I would throw away what was left over the next morning in disgust and vow to never eat again. This is what really delayed my fasting experience as I just had to keep putting it off. However once I had finally made that decision the bone broth really helped me get through the day but I was feeling some major withdrawals from the sugars and just mainly really poor eating habits. I made myself some tamarin juice with freshly juiced lime and ginger, which lasted the 2 days and stopped my sugary cravings. My body was still big and I had been carrying a lot of weight around my midriff and face. I really struggled mentally and physically.

Day 3

I went to my first gym session. I had defeated my anxiety and even though I didn’t feel strong, I still managed and was very happy. My plan was to take the Borough Broth at least 1 hour before I went and after I came back from the gym, it worked really well!

The energy I had gained just from one pouch of bone broth was amazing and started to remind myself of when I had done my other 7 day bone broth fast 3 years ago! My mind was a lot more sharper and focused and I was no longer second guessing myself.

So I would take one broth pouch in the morning one in the afternoon and one late in the evening. I’m sure it wasn’t psychological but by day 3 I had started to feel amazing!

Day 4 & 5

I was moving with purpose, meditating affirmations in the mornings along with my broth afterwards! All this was in my plan from the beginning, but I had been jolted by the initial shock of the fast and just stopping all the poor choices of food I had made.

That’s when I no longer battled with hunger or addictions (let’s just call them cravings!). Trying all the different flavoured broths beef and lamb was my favourite and I would space them out with the chicken one. I believe that I was having cravings for beef and lamb and the flavours were amazing - not too heavily seasoned pretty much like my first one.

I continued on with the routine: bone broth, gym and organising myself, now I was feeling that everything is possible again.

I had lost a lot of weight but hadn’t weighed myself. However physically there was a vast difference, I’ve always been able to gain and lose weight very easily.

Day 6

I was feeling the end of my experiment was nearing and the quick easy and very convenient bone broth was also coming to an end. Soon I would have to make some myself so I did whilst doing this fast and there went the convenience! The prepping and the clean- up job now felt like a pain!

Day 7

Well I finally finished my bone broth fast today and as I’ve always been quietly confident in the end results.. There were still no guarantees. However……..the results were amazing.

I have been going to the gym whilst fasting and on the bone broth and found that I had bags of energy. I would take my broth before going to the gym, and the extended energy I had whilst exercising was amazing, the night before my final day of bone broth fasting, I went to the gym late at night after being out all day which has always been very unusual because of the MS and being fatigued after a long day.

But even I was surprised so on my final day of my fast I decided to go to the gym in the morning. I felt amazing! I worked out and still haven’t stopped anyone who knows even the least about MS will know that this isn’t possible to have this much energy to keep going. I even feel like I could go to the gym in the evening as well, I feel like I’ve finally woken up.

Considering I had come back to the UK for this exact same reason to do a bone broth fast and had met Ros, the owner and Rose at a healthy food organic show and was able to make a connection after telling them my story and for them to provide me with a quick and very simple solution to my making bone broth really helped me.

I will still continue to do bone broth fasts, eat a lot more healthily and use the ease of Borough Broth bone broths to fast with. Everything works, so why try to fix something that isn’t broke.

So I would like to thank Ros and especially Rose for her patience in our communications as Rose could actually verify cognitively that our conversations came with a lot of, possibly me not understanding a lot of our conversations on how all this would work.

Once again thank you Ros and Rose from Borough Broth Company.

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