Christophe Reissfelder's Cistanche Root Tea

Move over Echinacea here comes the Cistanche root restorative tea.

Although echinacoside is known as the main component of the herb echinacea, Cistanche tubulosa contains a higher amount of echinacoside than any other plant (including echinacea).

Cistanche has demonstrated positive effects on the immune system, on the endocrine system, on the reproductive system, on the central nervous system (CNS) and many brain functions. It is one of my favourite roots and the flowers of this desert plant are stunning.

It is quite a salty, earthy and slightly dirty tasting root.



  1. Add the powdered cistanche root to the broth,

  2. Add a bag of fennel tea, the dried seaweed and bring to a boil.

  3. Season with fish or soy sauce and balance the savoury-ness with some acidity from the lemon juice.

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