From Pasture to Pouch: Coombe Farm Organic + Borough Broth Co.

Coombe Farm Organic and Borough Broth Co’s business relationship started in 2015. Both companies were still in infant stages, yet both had a very clear vision of what they aspired to do. Seeing the state of affairs in the meat industry, they were keen to disturb the status quo.

Large food conglomerates were tainting the meat industry's reputation by valuing cheap, mass-produced meat over product standards, ethics and sustainability. Animal welfare and product quality were taking second place to income and profit margins. Many farmers were pushed to intensively cultivate the land with pesticides, and give their livestock unnatural feed and drugs to speed up growth in inhumane living conditions, all with the aim of maximising yield and lowering prices.

This was the bleak portrait the meat industry was, and still is, painting for itself. This reputation was leading many people to write off the meat industry entirely for being unsustainable and inhumane. What's more, MSG-ridden stock cubes, skinless boneless chicken breasts and hormone-pumped meat were fast becoming the norm, to the detriment of the environment, livestock and people's health, leading people to become increasingly detached from the source of their food, as well as incredibly wasteful.

To create business models that were ethical and sustainable, it was clearly necessary to transition from over-industrialised food production and processed meats back to small-scale, traditional, organic farming methods and eating rituals which utilised every part of the animal.

Coombe Farm Organic are relentless in their standards when it comes to animal welfare. This means feed, living conditions and slaughter are all carefully considered to take the animals' wellbeing into account above anything else. Working with local producers, their chickens are 100% organic, free from drugs, unconfined and free to roam on lush West Country pasture. Their herds are not only organic, but they are 100% grass fed too. The benefits of fully pastured cows are second to none, not only for the animal and the environment, but also for the final consumer. Not to mention Coombe Farm is completely off-grid powered by solar with all water sourced from the land itself.

United by shared core values of sustainability, provenance and organic practices, we at Borough Broth Co. use the bones after Coombe Farm fillet the meat from their West Country flocks and herds broods to make nutrient-rich and flavoursome broths in our London kitchen. What might otherwise have been considered a waste product takes centre stage in our slow-cooked bone broths, treated with the respect it deserves.

What's more Mike, the lovely Coombe Farm driver, drives the bones up from Crewkerne to our kitchen, we load up his van chock-a-block with finished broth, which he drives back down to Coombe Farm, to deliver to the nation's doorsteps bundled up with Coombe's fantastic meat products. A single trip! Fewer miles, less pollution.

And in the past two years this uniquely synergistic relationship has gone from strength to strength. We often find ourselves putting our heads together to work out new innovative ways we can collaborate to cut down on waste and make delicious, nutritious and ethical food.

Recently Coombe Farm have started to work with their partner dairy to utilise the beautiful retired dairy cows for meat, offering a sustainable, ethical meat source with fantastic flavour. We decided to take this sustainable idea a step further by taking the bones from these beautiful animals and producing a special, small batch retired dairy beef bone broth.

Aligned in our attitudes towards farming and food production, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have fostered a relationship so strongly built on trust and friendship.

It’s real nose-to-tail farming and eating!

We are so proud of what we do and who we work with.

Click below to watch a short video about it and see the happy cows at Coombe:


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