Ox Livers with Mushroom and Onion

We're bringing sexy back.

Offal has fallen out of favour in recent times. Maybe it's the look of it. Maybe it's the thought of it. Maybe it's because we don't know just how much of a nutritional powerhouse it is. (In fact, gram for gram, liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.)

We're looking to shake things up and get people practising 'nose to tail' eating. How's about this week you trade your steak for ox livers: a speedy, frugal and meaty supper that's sure to satiate body and soul.

Serves: 3 people

Time: 30 minutes


* indicates optional ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons ghee/fat of choice

  • 2 onions, sliced

  • 500g mushrooms, sliced

  • Coarse black pepper

  • Salt

  • 500g Organic Grass-Fed Ox Liver (I used Coombe Farm's which come already trimmed and sliced)

  • A splash of Organic Beef Bone Broth

  • Butter


  1. Heat up ghee in wide shallow pan and brown the onions well

  2. Push the onions to the side of the pan, opening up space to add the mushrooms. Sprinkle with black pepper, and leave the mushrooms to brown (don't be tempted to move them until their liquid has evaporated and they have developed a delicious golden crust), and repeat on the other side until they are browned all over

  3. Mix the mushrooms and onions together briefly, and shove all to one side of the pan, this time to free up space for the livers. Add these and again, let them brown well on all sides

  4. Stir everything together, and pour in some beef broth to unstick all the tasty brown flavour that has accumulated on the bottom of the pan into the dish. Leave until the livers are just cooked through

  5. Season with plenty of salt and a grind of black pepper

  6. Take the pan off the heat, and stir in a good slick of cold butter. This will thicken up the sauce

  7. Serve with a rich mash (bone marrow mash would be amazing), or chips (roasted in beef tallow)

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