Our packaging and how to recycle it.


We're mighty chuffed with our new recyclable pouches, mainly because it's been quite the journey getting to this point. When we first started the company, we weighed up using glass jars but eventually opted to use flexible pouches on sustainable grounds (for the reasons outlined below). However, unfortunately the UK has been quite slow in developing a recyclable pouch that's fit for purpose and we've only recently been able to roll these out. In fact, we're proudly one of the first UK companies to use recyclable pouches.


There have definitely been some teething issues, mainly because they don't stand quite as nicely on shelf, but we're willing to sacrifice a bit of aesthetic if it means a step closer towards sustainable packaging. We're trialling them with our classic chicken, beef and lamb broths with a view to use them for all our products in the future. Check the back of your pack and look for the OPRL symbol. 

Below is a bit more information on why we've chosen this material and how you can recycle it. 

Plastic pouches vs glass jars

We've taken the decision to use pouches instead of jars to sell our broth. This was based on several factors but a big reason was down to the (often misunderstood) environmental benefits of using pouches over jars.  According to Polypouch, "recent research shows that when comparing pouches with glass jars, steel cans and plastic pots, pouches are proven to be more environmentally friendly.." And now we're moving to recyclable pouches, the benefits are even more pronounced. 

Why are pouches more sustainable?

  • Using flexible pouches instead of sturdy glass jars means that we can transport a whole load more in a single journey. This means we significantly save on transport, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Recent studies have shown that when comparing the environmental efficiency of plastic pouches with that of the alternatives (plastic pots, glass jars and steel cans),  plastic stand up pouches were shown to be more resource efficient, in terms of energy, material resources and waste than the three packaging alternatives. And this was a measurement taken before we even had recyclable plastic pouches. 

  • The wastage that comes with using glass jars is sometimes crippling to a company and to the environment. By using plastic pouches, we hardly ever waste any product through breakage and we can safely freeze it in the original packaging. 

Look for this symbol

We've partnered with OPRL to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to recycle your broth pouch correctly. This symbol means that your pouch can be taken with you to your local supermarket and they will recycle it for you. 

So instead of popping those broth packs in the bin, you can now store them up until your next supermarket visit and leave it with them. We've been told that councils are slowly becoming equipped to collect them curb-side but until then, this is the best way to recycle your pouch. 

Finding your local supermarket

If you're unsure where to drop off your pouches,  you can find your local supermarket with OPRL. Just select 'plastic carrier bags' from the menu and type in your postcode. 

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