Here at Borough Broth Co. we care about sustainability.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve on our sustainability and work towards reducing our carbon footprint. Here are a few of the ways we try to make a difference and continue to develop...

As a small company that was founded in Ros' kitchen, we pride ourselves on using local and whole ingredients (never extracts or powders) and sourcing our bones from Soil Association Organic farms across the UK.


We could proudly go on for hours about our ingredients and why we've chosen them on sustainable and ethical grounds. 


Read more here.  

We've not taken our choice of packaging lightly here at Borough Broth Co. and it's been something we've had to develop and adapt with as new recyclable options have only just come to market.

We're proudly one of the first brands to trial a new recyclable pouch material and whilst it might not look as pretty on shelf, we can sleep safe in the knowledge it hasn't gone straight to landfill. 

Read more about our packaging and it's sustainable credentials here. 

As a food manufacturer, we're incredibly proud of the fact that we produce almost no food waste. We work to a closed loop system, meaning any food waste we do produce is composted or goes to bio-fuel. 


We also proudly use organic bones as our primary ingredient which are often seen as a waste product themselves! 


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