What is this Bone Broth Stuff?

If you are ever inclined to Google Bone Broth you’ll find hundreds of different definitions and recipes.

You’ll find people who say it has healed them of many ailments, you’ll find sceptics, you’ll find people who swear by the bone broth diet and you'll find chefs who say they’ve been using it for years.


Well, is bone broth just stock then?

For all intents and purposes, yes.


Like a stock it's made of bones, vegetables, herbs and seasoning. all slow cooked in spring water for 24 hours. For many 'Bone Broth' is defined as such by it's long slow cook, high volume of bones and addition of a little apple cider vinegar (don't worry you can't taste it) which is meant to help extract the collagen and minerals from the bones. And that's the difference. We have a blog post about the difference in detail here.

So is it especially healthy or good for you? What about this bone broth diet?

There is some evidence to display some anti inflammatory qualities of chicken broth for sinus and respiratory infections found here and here for example. There are some who believe bone broth also helps the lining of the gut, aid joints, muscles and bones as well as overall skin, hair and nail health. We have a great blog entry by Gideon Remfry explaining​ some of the understood evidence behind incorporating broth into your diet whilst combining it with a healthy lifestyle. However. we at Borough Broth Co do not believe in encouraging a diet where people sustain themselves for any length of time purely drinking broth. Everyone is different there is no one approach to food that works for everyone. All we can encourage is balance and listening to your body - without becoming obsessive. We don't promote a specific diet or protocol. So if you're concerned about your diet visit an expert in nutrition for advice specifically relevant to you.

So what made you guys start up a company making this stuff? Is it made in the UK?

Well, you can read about our story here. But in almost every culture throughout the ages bones have been boiled in water and served as a staple. With the birth of the stock cube, msg, yeast extract and cheap flavour replacements the practice of broth from the stock pot has been lost. And we want to bring back traditional bone broths and stocks to the UK made the old fashioned way. So we make it ourselves in our London based kitchen.

Can I just make my own bone broth?

Absolutely, and to be honest we'd recommend that you do. We make our broths using their bones in fact. It might not make business sense for us to tell you to make your own, but we understand the time and effort it takes to make a good broth and if you have the time it's a wonderful thing to do and you can really make it your own.

We found that like a lot of people, we were making our own stocks and broths at home, and discovered (like in the olden days and in many professional kitchens) that slow cooking for 24 hours seemed to improve not only the flavour but the extraction of minerals and collagen thus making it very rich in nutritional benefits and flavour.

However, not everyone has the time to make it, which is where Borough Broth comes in. 

Couldn't I just buy a conventional stock cube?

If you look at the ingredients on a stock cube, we found they often contain a multitude of ingredients many wouldn't recognise or think to use at home.


We found that most stocks available on the market don't use whole natural ingredients, but a mishmash of strange additives, extracts, oils and E numbers to make a much cheaper product. Even the organic ones!

So what would convert me to bone broth?

If you want to eat whole foods, and avoid ingredients you don't recognise and get an authentic meaty flavour then we'd advise making your own or buying ours.


How do I consume bone broth?

We love simply heating and drinking it in a mug (although it's not for everyone) otherwise think of it as a nourishing stock. There are a multitude of recipes in our blog, which illustrate the versatility of a good broth!

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